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CCAC seeks new members for its Steering Committee for the August 2021-July 2023 term.

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Professional Development


CCAC Lunch and Learn: Accessibility in Video Games

Several high profile games were released this past year with accessibility options that were widely celebrated, but can we expect that these features will be the new norm, and are they the best that can be done? Let’s talk about our experience with games, positive portrayals of disability that can be found in games, and what we hope for with the new generation of consoles and PC gaming.


Experience accessible events

Performances with captioning, tours in American Sign Language and more. Experience accessible events at museums, theaters and other cultural organizations across the Chicago region. Explore CCAC’s Access Calendar to find the right opportunity for you!


Access Calendar

Accessible Equipment Loans

An Assistive Listening Device FM system with headphones, a receiver, and a transmitter.

Borrow accessible equipment

To make accessibility happen, you need to have the right tools. Cultural organizations across the Chicago region are eligible to borrow a variety of equipment to facilitate accessible events at no charge. Learn more about our equipment and how your organization can participate.